• #scioSEA: Science Blogging – Storified!

    ScienceOnlineSeattle is a conversation series exploring how the internet and social media are changing how we do & share our science. Our Feb 2013 gathering was an exploration of the how-to of science & environmental blogging. This is our recap of the in-person and online discussion as it unfolded.

  • #soSEA Sept :: Life (Online) After Death :: Storified!

    What happens to your data, research, and online identity after you die? We explored this topic at our Fall 2012 kickoff event. We dug into the intricacies of data and social media archiving, intellectual property vs. the Cloud, and other issues at the nexus of science, online, and death.

  • #soSEA 3: Conversations About Our Changing Planet

    For the last ScienceOnlineSeattle before our summer hiatus, we leapt at the opportunity to partner with the Seattle Science Festival’s event, “Conversations About Our Changing Planet.” Tonight’s program will feature three high profile scientists talking about planetary change – climate change, ocean acidification, and […]

  • #SOSEA 2 :: Dances with Data :: Storified!

    ScienceOnlineSeattle is a monthly discussion series exploring how the internet is changing how we do and share our science. Our May 14, 2012 gathering was focused on “Dances with Data: tools for turning information into stories.”

  • #sosea May: Dances with Data

    It’s almost here – the next ScienceOnline Seattle event! This month we’ll be talking about data visualization, and some great tools for turning information into visual stories. With the accelerating accessibility of data, from satellite imagery, genomics, digitized historical records and more, […]