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About this event:

Created by Liz

William H. Gates Hall (Law), University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98105, USA

Click here for the video of the event

or here for the Storify, including featured tweets, links, and narrative

or here for the archive of all tweets and an impact report — there were 1.8 million tweets delivered to over 90,000 accounts with our hashtag. Wow!

See also: explanatory and lovely, if now partly dated write-ups announcing ScienceOnlineSeattle at Scientific American and at Nature. “What put the organizers into motion was a little friendly competition with the ScienceOnline Bay Area organizers (and Seattle won!).” Bit of truth to that! :)

Science Online Seattle


ScienceOnlineSeattle #1

Shared Science: New realities for research and outreach in a networked world

Room 133, William Gates Hall, University of Washington

The digital age is profoundly reshaping our information landscape, challenging us with an unprecedented opportunity to transform how we conduct and communicate research. ScienceOnline Seattle kicked off with an exploration of what exactly it means to do science in a digital world. How does it work? Who is involved? What are their incentives? Where do we go from here? Sixty people in person and more than 200 online joined us, from Seattle, Washington to Washington, D.C. to London in the UK — as we explored how our worlds are changing and the new realities and future possibilities for science online.


Lisa Graumlich, UW College of the Environment. Lisa is the Dean of a college that brings together some 200 faculty from a diverse set of scientific disciplines. She spoke about her vision for opening up the science of the College of the Environment.

Brian Glanz, Open Science Federation. Brian discussed reproducibility, extensibility, affordability, accessibility, and science at the speed of the internet.

Firas Khatib and Seth Cooper, Fold.It. Firas is a biomedical research scientist and Seth is creative director of the Center for Game Science at UW. They’ll spoke about the stories behind the overwhelming success of Fold.It.


We livestreamed the event at http://new.livestream.com/scioWC/sosea1 and shared and participated via Twitter using the hashtag #soSEA, generating 1.8 million tweets delivered to 90,000 accounts, wow!


After the event, adjourned to Big Time Brewery & Alehouse on the Ave.



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