Science Blogging: Who’s doing it, and why (not) try?

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About this event:

Created by Jen Davison

4060 George Washington Ln NE Seattle, WA 98195

You can watch the archived video of this event, here!

Science Blogging: Who’s doing it, and why (not) try?

Blogs about science, written by both scientists and science writers, are some of today’s most popular outlets for learning about current scientific research and its relevance to daily life. And blogs are as simple to start as creating an online account. Yet there’s much more to science blogging than sharing the methods of your latest research project, and even veteran science writers have had to learn new skills when they decided to start blogging. What exactly comprises the art and discipline of science blogging? What is the benefit to blogging, for researchers as well as writers? Is the time and effort worth it? This #sciosea event aims to explore these questions with you, as we talk with science bloggers from within and outside academia. Join us and see why science blogging is worth your time!


Date: February 28

Time: Join us at 5:30 pm for mingling and munching, before kicking off the discussion at 6:00 pm. Then, after the livestream stops at 7:00, stick around for more discussion. Featuring an open bar!

Location: Odegaard Undergraduate Library, room 220, University of Washington Campus

Conversation Igniters:
Alan Boyle (@b0yle) is the NBC News Digital science editor and the brains behind CosmicLog
Brendan DeMelle (@bdemelle) is the executive director and managing editor of DeSmog Blog, and blogger with the Huffington Post
Sandra Porter (@digitalbio) is the president of Digital World Biology and a science blogger at Science Blogs
Adrienne Roehrich (@fiainros) is a researcher at UW, manager of editorial services for GeekGirlCon, and chemistry editor for Double X Science

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  1. Chris Maddox says:

    where do i rsvp? Can someone call me with details at 360 551 1900

    • Brian Glanz says:

      Hey @chrismaddox I just RSVP’d on your behalf, don’t worry about it. The buttons to RSVP yes/maybe/no are here on this event’s page, after you’ve signed in. Would love to chat about LiftPort, see you Thursday.

  2. Sounds great. I can only attend the mingling phase — then I have to go be a dad.

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