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About this event:

Created by brianglanz

220 2nd Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98104, USA

No technical or science background required! Join us August 7, 5:45 to 9pm at HUB Seattle.

Bring your science-related civic hacks, join a team, or start something new. Learn about Open Science and what’s happening in Seattle. RSVP above on this page or with our Meetup.

Célya Gruson-Daniel @celyagd, co-founder of HackYourPhD @HackYourPhD will open with a short talk, introducing Open Science and HackYourPhD. Célya is based in Paris and has been touring the US, producing a web documentary of the Open Science community in America — some is online now at

If you want to give a short talk introducing your project, or to announce what you will work on in advance, please add to the public notes at

Example projects we may work on during Open Science Hack Night:

  *  Adding more science to SeattleWiki
  *  Translating Open Access research papers into summaries or hacking ScienceGist code
  *  A Wikipedia editathon, such as to improve articles about women scientists
  *  Reviewing Open Knowledge Foundation’s
  *  hacking a WordPress theme made for Open Science to be used in networks such as
  *  anything you bring or start — see and add to

To repeat, HUB Seattle is at 220 2nd Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98104.

@celyagd by PhOtOnQuAnTiQuE

@celyagd by PhOtOnQuAnTiQuE

HUB Seattle by Michael Maine

HUB Seattle by Michael Maine

Special thanks to hosts Code for Seattle @code4seattle and HUB Seattle @hubsea, check out their regular civic hack nights! Partnering organizations also include HackYourPhD @HackYourPhD, Open Knowledge Foundation in the United States @okfnus, ourselves ScienceOnlineSeattle @sciosea, and the Open Science Federation @openscience. Thanks also to our parent organizations, Code for America @codeforamerica, the Open Knowledge Foundation @okfn, and ScienceOnline @scienceonline.

This event may be posted in other meetups and calendars, for example and

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  1. Brian Glanz says:

    Catherine @genegeek that would be sooo cool! Katriona Guthrie-Honea, the teen-aged co-founder of the HiveBio community bio lab in Seattle, will be there August 7 (she RSVPed via one of the Meetups). See on that, HiveBio are opening soon and they should all meet! I also want to get a team together to hack on which is being built for open notebooks. We want to use it at the new and it would be cool to get feedback from anyone who has notebooked with WordPress.

    • Catherine says:

      That is awesome! All 3 teens tried Open Science last year. I learned a few things ;) We’re trying again this year if you want some guinea pigs

  2. Catherine says:

    This is great! I’m going to try to bring some teens from Vancouver

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